Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hear No Evil

In working on this coming Sunday's lesson, the first line I wrote down for the introduction was "What are some things that you just don't want to hear about?" So - here are my "gut reactions" to that question. I can't call them a "Top Ten" because I haven't thought it through that well. They're just the first things I thought of and they're in no particular order. And yes, these will appear again on Sunday morning.

Things you just don't want to hear about.

1. Who's gay - especially when it comes to celebrities. I'd rather not know.

2. Government corruption - just arrest 'em and quit talking about 'em!

3. Reality TV - mostly junk, mostly contrived, and always confrontational. Don't need that. Give me pure escapism or something that will add to my meager storehouse of knowledge.

4. Digital TV! Is there anyone in the whole wide world who doesn't know about the change yet?

5. Tax Increases! Just do it and don't tell me about it.

6. Rosie O'Donnell's new conflict, new career, new anything.

7. Religious legalism - I want to hear about Christ-like churches

8. Racism - of any kind or form. Ignorance and hate needs light and silence.

9. Front yard deer sighting - everybody has one to share with hunters

10. A group of middle aged men sitting around singing "Viva Viagra" - PLEASE!


Carol said...

Digital TV! You’ve got that right. This is bigger than the Y2K scare. You would think that life as we know it may no longer exist if we miss a couple of hours of TV when TV goes digital. Yep, I’m tired of hearing about this one too!

Kathy said...

What's funny is, I keep doubting whether our brand new, totally cable t.v.'s will work. When the ad comes on, Kevin is apt to hear me ask, "Are you sure our t.v.'s are o.k.? My co-worker says they bought TWO boxes." Kevin: "They're fine."
Me: "Oh, o.k." (I just need that reassurance. And I KNOW there's a scripture to go with that!)