Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Mind Is the First...

I've heard for years that when it comes to getting older, the mind is the first thing to go. I never believed that for a minute. I would say the knees, or maybe the hair, or even the eyes before I'd say the brain. That is, until last week. I got my first traffic ticket in thirty years last week. When the officer pulled me over, I literally had no idea why. He said I ran a stop sign. Frankly, I can't image that I did. It was an intersection that I regularly travel through and I am very - did I say very loud enough? - scrupulous about obeying traffic laws. Yes, I accept a little grace by going a couple miles over the speed limit sometimes, but I'm fanatic about turn signals, stop signs, and any other legal requirement. However, I truly had no recollection of whether I had stopped or was guilty. I resisted the urge to argue - knowing that never works anyway, but it was very disturbing to me to think I might have done it or even worse, that I was falsely accused. Oh well, I'm sure I deserve it for something sometime that I got away with.

And then there was the two times last week that I saw someone in the foyer of the church building, after the performance, and couldn't for the life of me remember who they were. I knew their face and I knew I knew them, but I couldn't remember where I knew them from. It was one of those "out of place" sightings where you know someone but you're seeing them at a different place. Wow! Does that ever make you feel dumb. Sorry folks. I don't know if the memory is going or if I'm in a rut when it comes to where and when I see people.

And then there's the picture above. Our old small group from TN surprised us by showing up Saturday evening for the play. Someone told me there was a bus from Antioch out front and I literally thought, Antioch Baptist? It was all our good friends! What a wonderful surprise! They are so special to us and we love them all dearly. What a sweet surprise. I think we have a bond that truly will transcend years and miles. So - one thing I haven't forgotten, and never will, is the love of good friends. It's okay to get older - especially when you do it with lots of loved ones.

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carol said...

Those look like some of the faces that showed up at Disney World last year! Friends really are a blessing and it reminds me that we live and express our faith within community.

Oh, yes, sometimes "sweat surprises" even make us perspire! :)