Thursday, March 15, 2012

Last of my pictures

I forgot that I promised to put some pictures from our vacation of our stop in Curacao, which is just off the coast of South America, not far from Aruba. It was a beautiful place. The style and color of the row of houses above really show the Dutch history of the island. It is a big oil producing country. We didn't do any sight-seeing, but we did do a lot of shopping. It was a fun place to just walk around.

This is looking at the same row of houses/shops, but from farther away. This is a huge pontoon bridge for pedestrians. When a boat needs to pass, an outboard motor mounted on the far end is cranked up and the whole bridge, with people on it, is simply pivoted out of the way. We watched it move a couple of times, with some really large boats going by. A neat thing to watch.

This was the welcome sign at the dock, with my good-looking travel partner posing next to it. You can just see some of the outdoor shops on the dock. They were pretty nice. I bought a leather bracelet at one. We really enjoyed the stop. I didn't get any pictures of our stop at Aruba. We did a lot of shopping their, especially since Donna was seriously looking for some "sugar cane" jewel that she got two years ago. We found it - almost literally at the last little shop we went to.

It was a fun trip with a lot of great memories.

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