Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Musical 2009

Here are some pictures from last night's Children's Christmas Musical. It was cute to the bone! Donna and her helpers did a wonderful job of putting it all together. It was the result of several months of preparation, rehearsals, and loads of patience. These are not the best of pictures since I took them from the back of the auditorium so I wouldn't distract the kids, and it didn't help that our Kodak file has got something wrong with it and it won't let us work with any pictures. The above picture is the Pre-school group who sang a few songs to start off the program.
They sang some really cute songs and did some serious teaching about Jesus and why He came to earth. It was a good program and I heard a lot of "Amens" to the lines the kids were saying.

This is Donna's closing comments and announcements. She's the best!
This is two of our shepherds (Matt & Stan) giving "high fives" to all the kids as they exited the auditorium to "thunderous applause."


DR said...

Yes, it was very cute and the kids did a great job. I didn't realize Matt and Stan were back there giving "high fives" to the kids. Awesome!

Sandee said...

Donna did a wonderful job with the kids, as she always does! It was a blessing and so much fun!

Deborah said...

It took me a second to realize that Stan and Matt weren't "shepherds", as in the ones that visited Baby Jesus. I guess I just had the Christmas Story on my brain!

Congrats FCOC (and Mom) on another children's Christmas production!