Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sermons and Books

Just a quick blog to answer a couple of questions I've been asked lately. Sorry if this blog sounds self promoting. It's not, because this is about what I do as a servant of God. First, I was asked if my Sunday morning lessons are available to be listened to and/or downloaded. Nearly all of my Sunday morning lessons are available on our church website. Not much changes on it each week, but we do have people who put each weeks lesson on the website. We are in the process of creating a new site that stays current and interesting, but in the meantime the lessons are usually posted within two to three days of Sunday. They occasionally get a week or two (or three) behind, but they try to keep it current. I understand, remember I'm a techo-dummy, that they can be downloaded to IPODs and such or just listened to through computer speakers. The church website is
The other question was about how to find copies of my books. College Press, who published four of my books, still has at least three of them in print - I think. I was also very surprised to find all my books for sale on-line - at some amazing prices too. The short answer is that I have copies of all my books, and the only copies of a couple of them. I have copies of:
Spilt Grape Juice (our lives as worship - much more radical in 1991 then it is today)
Unbroken Bread (not in print -a study of what the NT assembly really was)
Empty Baskets (last of the worship trilogy - looks at worship as stewardship)
Life's Cobwebs (not in print - dealing with life's problems)
I Knew That, from Covenant Publishing (learning difficult lessons)
Rev (a poorly edited but dramatic novel based on some of my experiences as a Police Chaplain)
If you are interested in getting copies of any of these books, just call me at the church office or email me. I've had several small groups and Bible classes use one or more of my books as a study guide. I just sent a box of Life's Cobwebs to Murfreesboro, TN last week and one church in WV spent two years in their auditorium Bible class studying Spilt Grape Juice and Unbroken Bread. You can also get Spilt Grape Juice and Empty Baskets through College Press, who will ship them and bill you. Call them at 1-800-289-3300


Anonymous said...

I noticed that your church bulletin is over 6 months old and so is your prayer list. How come those are never updated on your website

Mike said...

Unfortunately, our webmaster is a former member who lives in Florida and we've been sending info over the email. Plus, we do have a new web page and master almost ready to go and it will be updated directly from the church office. Frankly, it just hasn't been a high priority item and I hope that will change.

Scott said...

Thanks for the info. I just started listening to your "tools" lessons. I read "Spilt Grape Juice." It really changed my perspective on what it means to worsship God. I am actually from Murfreesboro. I am curious which church here is using your book for a study.

Also, do you have any other archived sermons/lessons available online?


Anonymous said...

So isn't "Self-Promtion" by its' very nature what you did by promoting your books? You can make the statement you made but it still sounds like Self-Promotion.

Just wondering how you reconcile that in your mind.

David H. Willis said...

I guess I'm not the only person who has anonymous people posting assinine attacks on their blog.

Love your books - especially Spilt Grape Juice. It rocked my world for the better. Thanks much!